About Us

Drawing Dreams Initiative works to advance holistic education, agency and timely information on Menstrual Equity, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, Teenage Mamas empowerment and 21st century skills (youth development) for underserved adolescent girls and boys, youth and communities in Laikipia, Isiolo & Samburu counties.

Teenage Mamas Empowerment

Teenage Mamas Empowerment

Teenage pregnancies and early motherhood are not only a challenge to the adolescent girls but to their families, school and community as well and prolonging the never-ending viscous cycle of poverty. Teenage mothers are usually not ready to become mothers and have to deal with the physical, psychological and social challenges that come along with motherhood.

"Kenya ranks 3rd in the world with the highest numbers of teenage pregnancy and motherhood rates in at 18%. This implies that about 1 in every 5 teenage girls between the ages of 15-19 years, have either had a live birth or are pregnant with their first child"

We are working with 64 teenage mothers to provide them with training on decision making, planning, essential maternal and newborn care skills, mental health, dealing with social stigma, religious and cultural negative reactions as well entrepreneurial skills for their economic empowerment. Laikipia County is still leading at position 5 nationwide on the number of teenage pregnancies. The overall goal is to support teenage mothers to adapt to their new motherhood roles and make it easier for them, reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and maternal mortality rates.